Odisha is a costal state and it has very beautiful beaches; Odisha is well known in all over the India and other countries in world for its attractive beaches. The long stretches of golden sands, the deep blue sea and the cool winds are what makes the Odisha’s beaches so unique and marvelous. It has drawn the attention of many tourists throughout the world. For the people those are looking for a laid back and relaxed vacation, the Odisha beaches are perfect destination for them. Here we have listed some great beaches in Odisha.

Puri Beach

Puri beach is the most popular and suitable beach for tourist in India. Thousands of people every year coming to Puri to visit Lord Jagannath Temple and to spend a quality time on beaches of Puri.

Konark Beach

Puri, Konark is also a popular tourist destination, the Sun Temple of Konark is listed among seven wonders of India. The tourist those are coming to visit Konark Sun Temple they like Konark beach and get wonderful experience of Sun Rise and Sun Set.

Chandipur Beach

The Chandipur Beach is one of the most unique beaches ever to be seen in Odisha. There are several interesting places present near to the beach to visiting. Some important places are Jagannath temple, Shivalinga, Simlipal National Park, Shakti Shrine of Deokand and many others. Also the casuarinas trees and beautiful sunlight which makes the beach a beautiful and gorgeous place to visit is attracts tourist toward this beach.

Aryapalli Beach

The Aryapalli beach is one of the most prominent beaches. This beautiful beach located in Odisha. This beach allows its visitors to have a great time and enjoy the cool and pleasant weather. You can always go for swimming or bathe yourself under the sun. This place is great for an adventurous trip.