Biraja Temple – The Historic Hindu Temple

The Biraja Temple is a historic Hindu temple dedicated to Maa Biraja (goddess Biraja). This beautiful Temple is located in Jajpur, Odisha, India. Biraja Temple is very important place for Hindu culture peoples according to their religion point of view. Goddess Biraja is one form of Adi Shakti (The source of energy). According to Hindu believers by
worshiping Maa Adi Shakti they get the power to handle all the difficulties of their life. Adi Shakti helps them and keeps away from all kinds of difficulties.

The present Biraja Temple was built during the 13th century by rulers of great Utkala Kingdom. The principal idol of this temple is Devi Durga (Adi Shakti); she is worshiped as Viraja (Girija), this place also known as “Viraja Kshetra” and “Biraja Peetha”. Thousands of Hindu believers come to this place every day to worship Adi Shakti Maa Durga.

The Biraja Temple covers a large area, and there are several shrines to Shiva and other Hindu gods and goddess are present. Devotes from different parts of the state Odisha and other states of India are coming to this temple to worship goddess Biraja and to pray her for a better life. Also this temple is very beautiful and full of stone arts. The Utkala Kingdom’s finest stone artist of 13th century produced very beautiful structures on walls of this temple, those are still present and showing their glory to world.

biraja-templeThe Biraja Temple is very much liked by people because of religion point of view but except that the fine stone arts of this temple force them to visit this temple again and again. Thousands of people come to this temple in shorten intervals of time, stay nearer to temple and enjoy the beauty of temple by visualizing it. These types of people prefer tour packages available by different tour and travel agencies. Because the benefit of getting a tour package is the tourist can enjoy all the times of tour properly without spending their valuable time on collecting information about best hotel for accommodation, food or transport etc. All things are handled by tour and travel agencies. Odisha Temples are very beautiful and suitable for tours.

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