“Devkund” The Popular Religious Places Of Odisha

Devkund is a very beautiful religious and tourist place in Odisha. It is located in the district Mayurbhanj. Devkund is famous for its water fall that falls from the top of the hill. Devkund means the bathtub of Gods and Goddesses. So this place is very important for Hindu culture peoples, as they believe that it the bathing place of their Gods and Goddess, so by touching this water they get blessings of their god and goddess. Devkund is situated at 60 km from the main town of Baripada and 85 km from Balasore district. Devkund is going through in Udala division. It is a natural beauty of Odisha and Similipal National park is near it.

The Natural dense forest and the beautiful waterfalls makes this places a wonderful destination for tourist, thousands of people from all over the India coming to this place every year to get the divineness of this holy place.

Some Interesting Things about Devkund

devkund-waterfallThese are Five waterfalls are present such as Amrit Kund, Ghrita Kund, Haldi Kund, Dev Kund and Devi Kund. So Devkund is one of them. The height of the water fall is 50 fit from the ground, so is very big and provides a beautiful view when water falls from such height. The water is very cold and clean that is suitable for bathing of tourist, they can enjoy a lot on this water.

A small temple dedicated to Maa Ambika is also present on the top of the hill. This temple is known as Shakti Pitha. The temple is built by the king of Mayurbhanj in the year of 1940. This small temple is increase the beauty of the Devkund.

Day by day the number of tourist are increasing at this places both types of visitors like nature and adventure lovers and religious tourist are coming to this place as it is a combination of both.

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