Gopalpur Beach – The Ideal Place For Spending Vacation

gopalpur-sea-beachVacation plays an important role in our life, because the vacation is a fixed holiday period between our busy work schedules. People get bored by doing the same work every day, so they want some relaxation from their work and the vacations are very much suitable for that. Mostly people chose tours of different attractive and beautiful places in their vacation. As example the hill stations, beaches, popular cities etc. These are thousands of beautiful places are present in Odisha those are suitable for spending vacations. One of the popular tourist destinations is ‘Gopalpur Beach’.

Gopalpur Beach is located in the small town Gopalpur at 19.27°N 84.92°E on the coast of Bay of Bengal, around 160 km south of Paradip and 260 km north of Visakhapatnam. The languorous Gopalpur Beach with coconut groves, casuarinas and gentle sand dunes is deserted for miles present barely on 16 km away from Brahmapur, Odisha and close to the border of Andhra Pradesh. This is most famous sea beach and tourist destination in Odisha.

Gopalpur Beach has its own specialty; it is one of India’s most sought after beaches, with a distinct charm of its own. People get very much relaxing atmosphere on the wide beach of Gobalpur. People can enjoy their time with their friends and family member on the Gopalpur Beach. Also many hotels are present in Gopalpur in which people can state during their vacation and enjoy the beauty of the Gopalpur city and the beach.

Also this place is comparatively less costly than other equivalent beaches. As compared to Goa beach and Pondicherry beach Gopalpur beach is equally beautiful and suitable for spending quality time but the less expensive. Also the cost becomes more less when good tour and travel agencies are providing special tour packages of Gopalpur beach.

Odisha Tourism offers special deals in Gopalpur Beach tour packages. In which tourist can enjoy and get very much fun without worrying about any kinds of thing of tour.

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