Harishankar and Nrusinghanath Temple

harishankar-nrusinghanath-1Harishankar and Nrusinghanath is the best tourist place in Odisha. It is located in the Balangir district. It is the only one place in Odisha, where people worshiped two God Siva and Vishnu together in one temple. This is situated at 83 kms from the main town of Blangir. This place is naturally very beautiful. Tourist enjoys the natural beauty and the religious spiritual atmosphere of this place. This temple is going through in 7 wonder.

In early days at the time of 14th century Harishankar is discovered by the king Chauhan. On that time deity are worshipped in this temple, But in 12th century the temple is again created by the king Vaijjal Dev Chauhan and queen Durlabha devi. Now Vishnu and Shiva are worshipped in this temple. Harishankar temple is located in one site of hill Gandhamardhan. A small stream is also here which is coming from the hill. The climate of the place is very cool and peaceful; tourist can enjoy and spend a very memorable time on this place. The nature of the place is very nice.

Nrusinghanath temple is the one of the famous and big temple in this area. It is placed at the source of the Papaharin stream. Nrusinghanath is located opposite site of Harishankar. The distance between these temples is 16 km. The work of the temple is unique stone steps. A water fall also falling here. It is increase the beauty of this holy place. Here people bath and enjoy the water fall and the natural beauty of the hill and temples.

Famous Festivals of Harishankar and Nrusinghanath Temple

The famous festival occur in this temple is Shivaratri, Makar Sankranti and a big mela which is famous here called Magha Mela. Many people come to see this mela. The near of this 2 temple you can see Patora Dam, Kantabanji, Bangomunda and Harihara. These places are also very nice place. Harishankara and Nrusinghanath is a best place for tourism in Odisha, people can visit any time throughout the year.

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