Ramachandi Beach – A Beautiful Tourist Destination in Odisha

ramchandi-beachRamchandi Beach is a beautiful beach situated on the convergence of the river Kusabhadra and the Bay of Bengal. It is at 7 km from distance from Konark on the Marine Drive; Ramchandi is an ideal place to spend a qualitative time with friends and family. In this place the goddess Ramchandi (The presiding deity of the Konark region) is worshipped with reverence. People of Odisha and other parts of India believe that goddess Ramchandi fulfills all prayers of her pilgrims. Thousands of people every year come to this place to worship goddess Ramchandi for their bright feature.

Ramchandi is considered to be India’s finest beach. The Ramchandi Temple is situated about 10 km along the beach and the famous sun temple also stands on this beach, on this place people get some very beautiful visuals during sunrise and sunset. Both things can be visualized here at same time; people can visualized here the sunset and rising moon at a time or sunrise and closing moon. As according o Hindu culture both sun and moon are gods so it is a very important place for Hindu culture peoples from religion point of view.

Also some people believe that the presiding deity of Ramchandi temple is Mayadevi (wife of Sun), so thousands of people every year come to this place to visit and to worship lord Sun and his wife Mayadevi.

As the beach nearer to the temple is very good to spend time and there are very impressive visuals are present, so people those come to visit Ramchandi Temple, they prefer to spend some time on Ramchandi Beach and to get some very special time and wonderful experience of nature.

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