Satkosia Tiger Reserve Of Odisha

Satkosia Tiger Reserve located in Angul district of Odisha, it is a very popular tourist attraction in Odisha, where thousands of tourists are coming every year to visit this place. It is a reserve park for tigers. In 1976 it is established as wildlife sanctuary. The biggest river of Odisha ‘Mahanadi’ is flowing near the forest. Satkosia is cover area as long as around 22 km in the bank of river Mahanadi .This reserve is scatter in 4 districts such as Cuttack, Angul, Nayagarh and Boudh. Satkosia Tiger Reserve covered area of 759.52sq km, At the above area 530.01 in north side within 2 districts of Cuttack and Angul and the rest area of 265.51 is going through within 2 districts of Nayagarh and boudh.

The meaning of Satkosia is seven miles. As name suggest Sat means seven and Kosia means miles. It is also combining 2 sanctuaries one is Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary and other is Baisipalli sanctuary. It is the meeting point of two bio-geographic Indian regions. One is the Deccan Peninsula and other is Eastern Ghats. In the year of 2007 it is declared as Satkosia Tiger Reserve.

Famous Leopard of Satkosia

satkosia-Tiger-Reserve--2Satkosia is famous for the tiger reserve of Leopard. It provides a healthy climate for tiger. Other animals are also lives in this forest such as Elephant, Gau, Sambar, spotted deer, mouse, deer, Nilgai, crocodile, turtle, Snakes and so many types of birds. So the help of the Odisha government these animals are leave in the forest freely. So the sanctuary looks very beautiful. The natural beauty of the forest is looking very nice. It is a good and big sanctuary in Odisha.

This is also the home of crocodile like Gharial and Mugger crocodile. A crocodile research centre is also here. It is inaugurated by Odisha government in the year of 1974. Booting system also available in Satkosia sanctuary, so tourist can go through the forest by boat and they can see the Elephant, dolphins etc other animals. So it is a good sanctuary for the people.

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