Welcome to the State Museum of Odisha

Hello every one welcome to the state museum of Odisha. A museum is a place in which the historical, scientific and artistic objects are stored and exhibited to peoples. In all most all countries or states some museums are present those contain the historic evidence of the country or state, also those objects are very important parts of their culture.

The Odisha State Museum commencement on the year 1932, by two notable historians, those are Prof. N. C Banerjee and Prof. Ghanshyam Dash. Both are belongs to Ravenshaw University, Cuttack. Prof. N. C Banerjee and Prof. Ghanshyam Dash started collection of archaeological treasures of Odisha from different parts of the state and started a small museum. But In the year 1945-46, the Museum was shifted to Brahmananda building present in the old Bhubaneswar and given the status of a State Museum by the Government of Odisha.

After some time the Museum was shifted to Patel Hall in 1950 and again the Museum shifted to another building in Unit – I, Bhubaneswar. In the year 1957, the foundation of the Museum was laid by the honorable President of India, Rajendra Prasad. Finally the Museum in the year 1960 the Museum started operating on the building in which it present today.

state-museum-4Odisha State Museum is a very attractive place for those people who love to know or want to see the historic objects of Odisha. For students and also for young peoples of Odisha this museum becomes an idealistic place where they can get the knowledge about the old culture of Odisha. So thousands of people from different parts of Odisha come to visit this place every year and explore the different historic and valuable objects of Odisha State Museum. Also for the tourist Odisha State Museum is an important destination.

The tourist those are coming from outside of Odisha and India, for them Odisha State Museum is the perfect place where they can easily view the ancient culture of Odisha by seeing the objects of those times. Your Odisha Tour is incomplete if you don’t visit Odisha State Museum.

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