“Taptapani” The Hot Water Picnic Place in Odisha

Taptapani is a very important tourist and religious place in Odisha. It is located in Ganjam district, around 56 km far from the town Berhampur. It is a very nice place in Ganjama district and in all over the state Odisha.

taptapaniThe main attraction in Tapatapani is, it is a hot water stream gathering in a pond. The meaning of the Tapatapani is hot water. ‘Tapata’ means Hot and ‘Pani’ means Water. People believe that by bathing on this water they become cure from skin diseases and other types of diseases. They believe this place is full of blessings of their gods.

But according to researcher the water is hot because the water is mixed with sulphur. Due to the mixed of sulphur the hot water contains medicinal character. If people bath in this water every type of skin disease will be clean. It is located in the ground of the hill Dhandamara and Sanakhemundi.

The local people worshipped this hot water as the goddess Maa Kanduni Devi. In the middle of the stream Maa Kanduni Devi is located. The people gathering in this temple in the time of every Monday and Shankaranti. In this 2 days are very important day in this temple.

In this Taptapani people can see the natural beauty of the hill. The trees of this hill are very green and tall, so the hill is looking very beautiful. Many small streams can see also here. At the near of Tapatapani a Deer park also can present. The deer park is inaugurated by the government of Odisha for the people. At Tapatapani people can see Chandragiri, a Tibetan Buddhist settlement, Taratareni, Maa Bhagabati temple etc.

Taptapani Best Tourist Place

So over all we can consider this pace as a very suitable tourist place of Odisha. Thousands of tourists are coming to this place every day to see the natural beauty of this place and the hot water. During Odisha (Orissa) Tour, tourist demand to visit this place.

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