Food and Dress are the most important thing to service, these are comes under basic need for life. Odisha are very much like to eat good food and want to wear good cloths. Majority of the population of Odisha are non-vegetarians and follow traditional cuisine. In Odisha many good dishes are prepared by people of Odisha. Odia dishes are rich and varied and rely on local ingredients.

Rice the Important Ingredient of Odia Cuisine

Rice is the main food in Odisha, both suns dried and par-boiled rice is the staple food of the people in Odisha. In all over the state people use rice every day throughout the year. Odia people use rice in different ways and prepare different delicious dishes by using rice.

Main Food in Odisha

Rice, Dal, Green vegetable curry etc are the main foods of Odisha. Along with that Pakhala Bhata (boiled rice permeated with water over the night) and Saga Bhaja, Badi Chura, etc are the main food that all people like very much. Odia people also very much like to eat desserts made from variety of ingredients, with milk, Chhenna (a form of cottage cheese), coconut, rice, and wheat flour being the most common.

Dress in Odisha

Like food Odia also want to wear good, qualitative cloths, the traditional cloths in Odisha for men are Dhoti and Kurta, where as women prefer to wear Sari. Many varieties of saris made by Handlooms of Odisha are widely available at different places of Odisha.

Sambalpuri Pata sari, Maniabandha Sari, Puri Pattachitra Sari etc are the popular female cloths produced in Odisha. Along with traditional cloths modern western cloths are also preferred by Odia peoples in current scenario.