Famous Adivasi Mela in Odisha

Adivasi Mela or Tribal Exhibition and festival a very popular event organized every year in the Adivasi exhibition ground. The Adivasi exhibition ground situated in the heart of the city Bhubaneswar (capital city of Odisha), Adivasi Mela is considered as the oldest and the most colorful festival of tribal people. In this all the 62 tribes people including 13 PTGs, come over to the exhibition ground and spread out their ethnic products among the peoples those are coming to visit the festival.

The Adivasi Mela is very important in terms of development of the tribal communities of Odisha. Government of Odisha organized the Adivasi Mela every year the main aim behind this is to increase the knowledge of people about the tribes and the culture, art and crafts of the different tribal communities of Odisha.

The Adivasi Mela or exhibition got off the ground, in the erstwhile. Under the auspices of Adivasi and Harijan Welfare Department in 26th January 1951 the Adivasi Mela is started and still it organized every year 26th January for the development of tribal communities.

Tourist’s Likes In Adivasi Mela

In Adivasi Mela the Adivasi peoples or tribal peoples shows different types of arts and crafts produced by them by using very simple things and handmade tools. The tourist very much like these types of products and want to purchase those. Different Tribes of Odisha have their own art and unique technique of producing handicrafts. The people very much like to see the Adivasi handicrafts, so Adivasi Mela is a very suitable place for them. Tourist from all over the world coming to Odisha to visit different attractive places, Tribal communities and their culture, art and crafts are such things those are very much attracts foreign tourist.