Bali Jatra The cultural Festival of Odisha

Bali Jatra is a very popular festival in Odisha. This festival is celebrated every year to remember the day when ancient Sadhabas (Odia mariners) would set sail to distant lands of Bali, as well as Java, Sumatra, Borneo (all in Indonesia), and Sri Lanka for trade and cultural expansion, at those times the Odia mariners are called Sadhabas they are the business man’s those sell different art pieces made by Odia artesian and sell them on different countries and bring gold and other important things to Odisha.

To remember that golden period of Odisha, this festival is celebrated every year. This festival held in Odisha, in the city of Cuttack at Gadagadia Ghata of the Mahanadi River. The Bali Jatra festival marks its beginning at Kartik Purnima which comes around the end of October and November, and goes on for a period of seven days from the full moon, during this period people enjoys a lot in this festival, these are many food stalls and other stalls are created for visitors. The people visit to this festival in a huge number and enjoy together with family and friends.

Story behind the Bali Jatra Festival

Story behind the festival is associated with Taapoi and rituals like Bhalukuni Osha or Khudurukuni Osha and Bada Osha. Taapoi is closely associated with the Bali Jatra festival, which recalls traditional memories of young maidens waiting for the return of their sailor brothers, they pray to Maa Mangala for safe returning of their brothers.

In Bali Yatra festival children float toy boats made of colored paper, dried banana tree barks and cork in the Mahanadi, ponds, water tanks, etc to commemorate the voyage of their ancestors to Indonesia, in this way the famous Bali Yatra festival occurs.