Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav of Odisha

The famous Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav is a well known function jointly organized by Department of Tourism, Government of Odisha and Odisha Dance Academy. This festival contains cultural events and performing arts of folk or martial. The penultimate objective of Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav is to preserve, promote and popularize the heritage of Odisha at the national and international level in all over the world and increasing tourism in Odisha.

Different popular dance forms of Odisha are present on this Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav by the influence of best traditional dance masters of Odisha. This event is very important for Odisha in terms of art and culture. As in this Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav the main focus is toward the dance forms, so people need to prepare their performance in a good manner to give an impressive performance.

Tourist Attraction on Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav

In Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav tourist can visualize different arts and cultural dance forms a one place along with that get other charms of Odia culture and art, so this event is very much popular among tourist. Many tourists are visiting Odisha every year at the time of the Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav to experience the wonderful atmosphere of this event.

Foreign tourist also likes to participate on the Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav, the tourist those are on an Odisha Tour Package during the time of Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav, the Tour agencies like to show them this event that gives a wonderful experience to foreign tourist. They know more details about the different dance forms of Odisha and enjoy all with heart full of joy.