Tribal Festivals of Odisha

Tribal Festivals of Odisha are very popular festivals organized for the benefits of Tribal peoples of Odisha. This festival constitutes an integral part of their social life and related to their strong beliefs in the power of supernatural elements and community togetherness; people can learn more things about the different types of tribes present in Odisha, about their culture, rituals, art and crafts and other.

These are many types of Tribes are present in Odisha, almost 62 different tribes are located. For development of these tribes government of Odisha and some ngo organizations organize different Tribal Festivals. Some of the larger and popular festivals are weeklong Tribal Fair at Bhubaneswar starts on 26 January, the Chhow Festival at Baripada (April), the Folk Dance Festival (January) at Sambalpur, the Tribal Festival at Koraput (November). These festivals are the gathering point at which people from different parts of Odisha come to visit and see the Tribal arts and crafts.

Peoples from different parts of India are also paying attention towards these types of tribal festivals.

Tourist Attraction on Tribal Festivals

In tribal festivals tourist very much like to explore the life style of tribal peoples, they see different types of products produced by tribal peoples, the culture, rituals and many more by the performances occurred in the tribal festivals. The foreign tourist those come to Odisha to see Odisha’s natural beauty and other popular places in Odisha Tour Packages, when they visit these types of tribal festivals, they very much like these festivals and want to visit again and again that is beneficial for Odisha Tourism. So the government of Odisha and Odisha tourism department try to organize these types of festivals in all over the Odisha at different times.