World Tourism Day Celebration in Odisha

World Tourism Day is a very special and important day for Odisha. As tourism is an important factor in terms of economy, thousands of Odia people are dependent on tourism in different ways, so people celebrate World Tourism Day in Odia in heart full of joys every year at 27th September.

World Tourism Day was jointly organized by the Odisha Tourism Department and the Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI) at the temple city Bhubaneswar, Odisha with great pleasure. Mostly the World Tourism Day celebration started in the morning at 8 am enthralling thousands of spectators including top echelons of the hospitality industry and stakeholders associated with the industry are gather together and celebrate this event together.

Different Amusement in World Tourism Day Celebration

In World Tourism Day celebration, the Musical bands of Indian Navy, Odisha police along with dance troupes from Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttarakhand, West Bengal and Jharkhand brought cheers among the spectators and provide the enjoyment. Popular musical instruments like Sankha, Ghanta, Dulduli and the popular dance forms Ranappa, Odissi, Ghumura, Mask Dance, tribal dance forms are preformed at this event. The popular Naga Medha, Durga Medha, Ravana Medha, different types of animal dances along with a spade of tribal dances from Sundargarh, Koraput, Kandhmal and neighbouring state Jharkhand, Chhau dance, very popular Ghoda nacha of Odisha were also present in this celebration.

So people get very much fun at this place. Tourist very much like this event and from all over the world coming to Odisha to participate on In World Tourism Day celebration, every year thousands of people gathered at this celebration. That is suitable for Odisha Tourism.