Odisha People and Their Life Style

The life style of people are a little big different at different countries and states, according to region the life style also differs. The life style of Odia’s people is also a little bit different from other Indian states peoples. The culture, language, art, way of leaving, food, cloths, rituals etc are very unique of Odia peoples. Odisha is a land of art and culture but along with that great battles are also part of its history. There are thousands of temples and other structures are present in Odia those are full of high quality stone arts, the Odia Handloom products are very beautiful and popular products in all over the world, the Handicrafts and other arts like Odishi Dance and Music are the profs of the ability of Odia peoples. Also the great wars like ‘Kaling War’ are the Profs of the braveness of the soldiers of this land.

Life Style of Odia Peoples Changes Due to Development of Technology

After the development of technology Odia people also changes their life style according to the trend, now in Odia many big companies are present and thousands of Odia people are working in those companies, wearing western cloths, communicating in mixed language of Odia and English. Celebrating Odia festivals along with western festivals like Valentine Day and New Year. The Life style of Odia people becomes modern and fast.

But over all Odia people love their culture and festivals; they celebrate all Odia festivals together with friends and family. Together all peoples like to visit different beautiful places like temples and tourist places on different occasions.