Odisha is a known as land of Jagannath. Majority of the popular of this state belongs to Hindu culture, and in Hindu culture temples are most important part. The Hindu people very much believe on god and temples. It said to have given supreme expression to architecture also, the Kalinga pattern of architecture are clearly visualized on the temples of Odisha. The Odisha temples are unique in both plan elevation and decoration, people feel very superior at the temples.

Importance of Temples in Odia Culture

Odia people love their culture and traditions, most of the people believe that god the creator of the world, gives us all things that we need to maintain a happy life, so by worshiping him to need to thanking god and praying for a better problem free life.

Temples are the place where Odia people gathered and worship their god, so this place is very important from them.

Popular Temples of Odisha

These are thousands of temples are present in Odisha, in every district or village temples are present, some most popular temples are: