Art And Culture Of Odisha


Odisha have a very rich artistic heritage and culture. We can observe different art forms and culture at this land. In past many different rulers ruled on Odisha, so according to their like’s arts and crafts of Odisha underwent many changes. An artistic diversity in the forms of traditional handicrafts, painting and carving, dance and music etc occurred at different times in past. The art and culture of Odisha is famous among the peoples worldwide, due to which thousands of tourist coming to visit and explore the different art forms and rich artistic heritage of Odisha.

In the field of art Odissi is a popular and most important part of Odisha. It is one of the eight classical dance forms of India. People love this dance form and like to see at different festivals and occasions. Apart from the Odissi dance there are many other types of dance forms and folk performances are present in Odisha. These include Baunsa Rani, Chaiti Ghoda, Changu Nata, Chhau, Dalkhai, Danda Nata, Dasakathia, Dhanu Jatra, Ghanta Patua, Ghoomra, Jhoomar, Karma, Kathinacha, Kedu, Kela Keluni, Krishna Leela, Medha Nacha, Naga Dance, Paika Nrutya, Pala, Patua Jatra, Puppet Dance, Rama Leela, Ranappa and Samprada etc are popular art forms of Odisha.

Other types of arts like Music, Handicrafts, Painting, Structural art, Sand Art etc are also present in Odisha. Those are continued by the skilled artesian of Odisha.


The state Odisha is full of natural beautiful places, due to which thousands of tourist visiting here throughout the year, but tourist also very much attracted towards the art and culture of Odisha. The tourist chooses the Odisha Tour Packages in which they can explore the natural beauty as well as the Odia art and culture.