Best Time To Visit Odisha

Odisha is a piece of land that is full of natural beauties, the dense forest, Beaches, Hills, Waterfalls etc are present at different locations of this state. Along with natural beautiful places the attractive temples and manmade structures like palaces, dams etc are very much suitable places those attracts tourist. Throughout the year at any time this piece of land welcomes tourist and at all times tourist can enjoy here, so all twelve months of the year are best to visit Odisha.

Odisha is a coastal state, so it exaggerates several architectural and natural attractions. Here at this state some famous beaches are present and long with that wildlife and temples also present. Tourist from different states of India and all over the world come to Orissa for a holiday vacation, they spend some quality time here and get happiness by observing Odisha.


All months are very much suitable to visit Odisha but, during the period October to March, it is the best season to visit Odisha, because between the periods from October to March, the migratory birds are coming to Odisha and stay at Chilika Lake. Tourist can have a look at these migratory birds at Chilika Lake and other national parks in Odisha, it provides a wonderful experience, most of the tourist like to see the birds, so they prefer to visit Odisha at this period.