Kapilash Temple – Popular Tourist Place in Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal district is one of the beautiful places in the India state Odisha. Dhenkanal district is full of natural beauties, the hills, forest, water fall, river and wild life of this place very much appreciated by visitors. Thousands of tourists come to visit different attractions of Dhenkanal. Between all tourist places of Dhenkanal Kapilash Temple is a place where maximum number of visitors coming.


The Kapilash Temple is located in the north eastern part of Dhenkanal town. The distance of Kapilash Temple from the district headquarters is 26 km. The communication facility to reach the Kapilash Temple is very easier by road. There is a well constructed road available from bus stop to Kapilash Temple. Also from railway station and bus stop the cab facility available to visit Kapilash Temple. Tourist can easily hire a taxi or auto according their choice; also they can use public transport. After reaching on Kapilash Temple people can first enjoy the beautiful forest view and the local place. Kapilash Temple is situated at a height of about 2239 feet from sea level, so the visitors need to climb 1352 steps to reach on the temple. Or the other way is thru Barabanki. Temples in Odisha are created with best techniques and arts. Kapilash Temple is an example of it.

The main Tower of Kapilash temple is 60 feet tall and it constructed with very beautiful design. Kapilash Temple was constructed by the King Narasinghdeva I of Ganga Dynasty. The temple for Sri Chandrasekhar in 1246 CE as indicated in the Kapilash temple inscription. In the left side of the temple the Payamrta Kunda and in the right side the Marichi Kunda exists those are very much attracts the visitors. In this temple a wooden Jagamohana, Sri Ganesh, Kartikeya, Gangadevi, etc are also present. Lord Vishwanath temple is also situated in Kapilash and this place is mostly dedicated to lord Shiva. People also called this place Second Kailash.

It is better to take a tour and travel package to visit the Kapilash Temple, as the local area nearer to Kapilash Temple was not so much developed, so these are not very much facilities of accommodation and food are available here, so it is better to visit this place through a tour and travel agency, who are take all responsibility of accommodation, food, transportation etc and tourist can enjoy their trip happily.

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