Lalitgiri Ratnagiri Udayagiri – Buddhist Monuments


Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri and Udayagiri are the famous places in Odisha where people can experience the Buddhist culture and art. These are very holy places for the people those believe in Hinduism and Buddhism. Lalitgir is situated in the district Cuttack and both Ratnagir and Udayagir in the district Jajpur of Odisha. These 3 famous Buddhist centres are together known as Diamond Triangle.


Lalitgiri is one of the most famous places among Buddhist peoples and Hindu peoples. It is located in the Mahanga block of Cuttack district. It is 90kms far from the State capita Bhubaneswar. The other name of Lalitgiri is ‘Nalitgiri’. The major attraction of this place is the museum In which people can see the bones of Goutam Buddha with other archaeological findings. There is a vast Stupa and containers made of Khondalite, Stealite, Silver and gold are also present in Lalitgir.

Ratnagiri is located in near the Birupa river in the district Jajpur. It is another Buddhist centre. It was built by Gupta king Narasimha Gupta Baladitya during 1st half of the 6th century. Buddhism had developed at this place in the 12th century. There is a main Stupa which is encircled by several medium and smaller Stupas. The main stupas stand as a symbol of the Buddhist pilgrimage. The Stupas differ in their structure, materials and construction. There are 2 Monasteries also present.

Udayagiri is situated in the district Jajpur. It is also a very popular centre for the Bddhist Pilgrimage. It is at 5 km far from Ratnagiri. There is a large brick Monastery together with a no of Buddhist sculptures. Its other attractions are Bodhisattva figures and Dhayani Buddha figures. Buddhist monuments are also the other treasures those are found at Udayagiri.


The communication systems are well developed by the help of Odisha government for development of Odisha Tourism. There are several facilities for the tourists for staying and guides are also available. The best time to visit this holly placeless is between Octobers to march.

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