Panchalingeswar Temple


Panchalingeswar temple is one of the most famous tourist places in Odisha. It is located in Balasore district of Odisha. Panchalingeswar temple is situated at 25 km distance from the city of Balasore. It is a temple dedicated to load Siva. The name Panchalingeswar means five Siva Lingas. ‘Pancha’ menace five and ‘lingeswar’ menace lord Shiva. It is a very beautiful place of Nilagiri hill.

The important things in panchalingeswar temple are the five Siva Lingas, a small stream is coming through the hill Nilagiri and gathering at the five Siva Lingas. The Lings are present inside the stream and worshipped. To feel the Siva Lingas under the stream of water, one has to lie flat on the rock. The temple is top of the hill so the visitors climb 263 stairs in order to reach the temple. It is a very interesting and difficult also. Its climate is cold so it is a very nice place to visit and spend time.


Story behind the Panchalingeswar temple, some people says that Maa Sita (the wife of load Rama) was worshipped load Siva here during their exile time. So from that time these Shiva Lingas are present at this place.

Another story is also behind in this place that is the king Banasura also worshipped the load Swayambhu Lingas here. Over all it is a very important religious place for Hindu peoples those believe in lord Shiva and long with that it is a nice tourist and picnic place also. At the time of Maghasatpami a mela is occur here for load Siva that is called Maghamela. It is a very big mela so many people comes to see this mela. It is good time to visit this place.

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