Satapada Dolphin


Satapada is a very popular tourist attraction, located in Puri district of Indian state Odisha. Satapada is very much popular for dolphins in all over the world. the name of this famous place ‘Satapada’ is a combination of two Odia words ‘Sata’ and ‘Pada’. The meaning of Sata is seven and the meaning of Pada is village. The meaning of Satapada is group of seven villages. Satapada is located 50 kilometers from Puri (Land of Jagannath).

As Puri is a very popular tourist place because of Lord Jagannath and Sree Mandir. So millions of tourists are coming to Puri every year, many tourists are coming to Puri to get some relaxing time by sitting on Puri Beach and enjoying different attractive and popular places of Puri. For these types of tourist Satapada is an ideal place, where they can enjoy a lot by boating, canoeing, kayaking and observing dolphins.

Dolphins are the special attraction of Satapada, Chilika lake is nearer to this place, so the Irrawaddy dolphin (Orcaella brevirostris) are seen on the places in a huge quantity. The atmosphere and the structure of Satapada, is very suitable for Dolphins, so they prefer to stay at this place. Tourist can easily see the Dolphins playing in the water of Satapada. Due to this reason the Satapada Tour Packages are very much in demand among tourist.

Thousands of tour and travel agencies are present in Odisha, those offers best tour and travel packages for different special tourist places present in Odisha. For Satapada also they offer special deals and special tour packages. Most of the tour and travel agencies offers total Puri tour package for tourist, in which they offers tour of Sree Mandir, Puri Beach, other popular places of Puri, Satapada tour etc, it’s a package deal of some days and in a fixed payment a group of people can visit and enjoy many places of Puri. Most of the tourist demand for Satapada tour in their tour packages.

Odisha Tourism offers a special package for Satapada, in which tourist can enjoy the natural beauty of Satapada and get a wonderful experience of watching Irrawaddy dolphins. So get your tour package form Odisha Tourism and makes your tour memorable.

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