History Of Odisha (Orissa)


Odisha is a state present in the county India. India is a country where most of the people belong to Hindu culture. We can obscure the history of Odisha from Hindu Puranas like Mahabharata, Maha Govinda Sutta and some other Puranas. According to history many powerful kings ruled this land and they produces many beautiful creatures during their ruling period. These are still some structures are present those explains the history of this land Odisha.

Odisha was not known by the same name throughout the history, earlier this land known by different names, some of those are Kalinga, Utkala, Utkala, Mahakantara, Orda, Oddiyana etc. as per the name this land is full of great and powerful solders, artisans and farmers. The stone of those times are still present on temples and places present at different parts of Odisha.

History says the Kalinga War was happened here In 261 BCE, between the great Ashoka and Kingdom of Kalinga. Thousands of people are died on that war that deeply affected the heart of Ashoka. He turned into a pacifist and converted to Buddhism. At this great place the King Ashok turn into Dharma Ashok from Chanda Ashok.


Due to the rich history of Odisha, tourist from all over the world coming to visit this place and to explore the Historic places of Odisha those are produced by great kings of this land. Some of the most popular places are Sree Jagannath Temple of Puri, Konark Sun Temple, Kandagiri and Udayagiri hills and caves and many other places, thousands of Tourists coming every year to visit and explore different places of Odisha.